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We are Jack and Amy, a newly engaged couple planning a wedding of our own alongside all of our amazing couples! We first met in high school and after knowing each other for almost a year, we started dating. Two years later we graduated and stepped out into what they call "the real world". University wasn't going to be an option, we were ready to work like grown ups! A couple of years passed of toying with the idea of working full time and making money, but realistically once we had experienced it's positives and negatives, we realised we needed to choose a career we were truly passionate about. The nine to five life was tough, and finishing school wasn't really what we expected for the 12 years while we were there. At the time, the clubbing scene didn't interest us an awful lot and we weren't really keen on flashy cars so maybe we could buy a couple entry level cameras to play with for a bit of fun? The more we learnt about these cameras, the more fun we had. On weekends we would go out, take photos and make short films of whatever possible, whether it be friends at the local skatepark or a flower in the garden, we loved the art! It was an outlet that we could release the frustrations of the week of hard work and just enjoy life. To many, cameras may just be a tool to freeze a moment in time, but to us they are so much more than that. They are a gateway to self expression. 

2012 was a bit of a gamechanger. We came to realise that people would actually pay money to use our films and photos as their own promotional material. How cool is that? We get paid for doing what we love! Of course as young and naive as we were, the few companies that we gave time to would eventually use us, underpay and in some cases not pay at all for months and months of work. Suppose, things aren't always what they seem at first. We eventually cut ties with these companies and moved on to bigger and better things. 

It was 2013 when we were asked by a friend to point a camera at them on their wedding day. At first it seemed incredibly daunting. A wedding isn't really something you can get a second shot at. After a bit of debate, the answer was "okay, lets give it a go". Upon shooting the wedding, we realised that we were really enjoying ourselves, and it was quite similar to recent forms of shooting we had done. Of course there were plenty of crinkles to be ironed out in the final product, but we did it, OUR FIRST WEDDING FILM! 

We soon realised that this could really become something that we do more often. Of course we still had the idea that it could never pass the point of being a hobby, but we were having fun doing it so why not?

The following year, the chance arose through friends of friends to film two incredible African weddings in Brisbane. These weddings were an amazing experience for us and we felt very privileged to have been given the opportunity to film two couples' weddings that we had never even met before! It was at this point, December 2014, that we finally realised what we wanted to do with our lives. We knew it was going to be a long road before we could make any type or living from it, but everything has to start somewhere. We struggled with a business name for quite some time, exploring several avenues but coming up with names that were already taken. We came to agree that it was something that had to remind us of where it all started for us, not only as a business, but our story together. That beginning for us was traced back to December 2008, when we first started dating (the 13th of December to be exact). Hence, twelve08. 

Our first year of business was full of ups and downs, but as a whole was the most incredible experience of our lives to date and we would never trade it for anything. The people we met, the things we learnt and the places we saw were astounding. The bookings grew to almost average a wedding a week and those "day jobs" that were once our livelihood, slowly faded away to make more time for doing what we love, filming weddings! By the end of this first year we had been privileged with shooting weddings of several different cultures and even a wedding overseas! 


A couple years on, it's now 2018. We are 24 years old, have a job that we absolutely love and feel legitimately happy in life. It may have taken us a few years since high school to get here but it it was all part of the journey! We will never stop learning and always strive to improve our work and ourselves as a business. It really is an incredible privilege to be able to share in so many amazing couple's wedding day, we could never explain just how much that means to us. We are very strong believers that your wedding revolves around no-one, except you. The last thing you want is to be dictated when and where you need to be, at every point of the day. We work around what works for you! With this in mind, we have based the vast majority of our packages around full day coverage. This way you have as much time as you need, there's no stresses of missing shots due to time limits, it gives you one less thing to worry about and ultimately, you can enjoy YOUR day. 

After working with countless engaged couples and seeing their journey into marriage and beyond, in July this year we took a road trip down to Lake Mountain, Victoria. It was time for us to enter this stage of life for ourselves. We got engaged in the snow on top of a Mountain with an incredible backdrop, overlooking Victoria's countryside. Now, as we begin the planning of our own wedding we are able to share in the same excitement and joy as the couples we work alongside. We know that this is just the beginning for us as a business, and a couple. We are so excited to continue on our journey of life together and see where it takes us! 

Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight into who we are as a couple and how we got to where we are on our journey. It's now time for you to share your story with us. We love meeting with new people and we love a good coffee, so lets organise a time to combine the two!

-  Jack & Amy  




For any queries and/or information on pricing, please don't hesitate to contact us. Either complete the attached form or email us directly at jack_amy@twelve08studios.com.au. Otherwise, you can call us on 0434128249. Be sure to include a bit of info about your wedding, we'd  love to hear what you have planned! 

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